Scott Oeth, Certified Financial Planner

Scott Oeth, Certified Financial Planner

I've always loved the idea the idea that you can build yourself into the person you want to be. Of course, each of us have different starting points, abilities, challenges, and obstacles, but I'm a strong believer that if you have focus and put forth a consistent effort, you can always move forward.

Financial planning is a big part of being able to move forward. Financial decisions such as what type of education to pursue, where and how to live, what to do for a livelihood, and how long to do it are central to everyone in life; yet, the financial planning skills associated with each of theses decisions are rarely taught or taught well.

The financial planning realm is complicated and cloudy, with many competing forces at play; but, it's also has fascinating opportunities with complexities and challenges that are always exciting. I love helping people work toward the future they want, while helping mitigate or eliminate possible negative outcomes–it is tremendously motivating.  

My Financial Planning Practice

As an independent, fee-only financial advisor, I base my practice on comprehensive wealth management with a focus on equity-based compensation strategies for executives and retirement planning. 

I have a strong passion for helping my clients move forward. With 20 years of industry experience under my belt, I provide my clients with a comprehensive financial assessment and plan, which includes investment strategies, as well as financial advice for all aspects of their lives. From compensation and 401K investments, to tax strategies and charitable giving, to estate planning and emergency preparedness, my clients feel confident they're on the right path to achieving their financial goals. 

Equity-based Compensation

I work with executives across the country who have unique and complex equity-based compensation packages. My executive clients' schedules are typically too demanding to allow them the time required to decipher the intricate details of their packages. They depend on me to provide them with a thorough review and strategies that maximize their equity-based compensation package, while helping them achieve their financial goals.

Advanced Retirement Planning

My depth of experience and knowledge with retirement planning runs deep. I earned a specialized Master's degree in Financial Services, which really honed in on comprehensive and complex retirement planning strategies. I use my advanced knowledge and experience with retirement planning everyday as I guide clients so they build the assets they need to enjoy the standard of living they are accustomed to during retirement. I also use my retirement planning knowledge and skills as an adjunct for professor at Minnesota State University, I've taught current financial professionals progressive and in-depth retirement strategies for the last 10 years.   

My knowledge and experience in the financial industry has allowed me to teach advanced planning and investment strategies to hundreds of financial professionals, present at conferences across the country, testify as an expert financial witness, and provide financial commentary to media outlets around the country.

Outside of the office, I have a strong passion for spending time outdoors and exploring new parts of the wilderness. I'm also a formerly avid volleyball player (and I like to think I can still play a bit today). I captained the 2009 USA Volleyball AA National Championship team, played in two NCAA Final Four Championships, and was named a USAV and AAU All-American.


  • Principal, Wealth Management – Cahill Financial Advisors
  • Adjunct University Faculty, Certified Financial PlannerTM Program – Minnesota State University, Mankato & University of Wisconsin, River Falls
  • Advisor, Advanced Planning Committee Chair Vector – Wealth Management
  • Advisor – White Oaks Wealth Advisors
  • Sales Consultant – American Express Financial Advisors
  • Manager of In-Store Banking – The Park Bank


  • Financial Planning Association National Conference, 2008 – “Financial Plan Construction”
  • NexGen National Conference, 2007, 2008 – “Concentrated Stock Management/Behavioral Finance”
  • National Active Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) – “Retirement Planning”
  • University of St. Thomas, Executive education – “Wealth Management”
  • Target Corporation, Financial Fitness Symposium – “Investment Management”
  • Thompson West/Reuters – “Identity Theft”
  • IMN NYC – “High Net-Worth Real Estate Investing” (panelist), “Private REITs” (panelist), “Tenants In Common” (panelist)


  • B.S. Corporate Finance – Ball State University
  • MSFS, Master’s of Science, Financial Services, Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) – Richard D. Irwin Graduate School, The American College 
  • Certified Financial PlannerTM Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)


  • Financial Planning Association – National Consumer Advisory Group
  • Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America – President’s Cabinet
  • Eagle Scout Alumni Network Chairman